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Mogami 2972 Speaker Cable PAIR 2.45m BRAIDED w/ Gold Hicon Banana Plugs - Standard Wiring

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Mogami 2972 Hi End Audiophile Quad Speaker Cable

PAIR of 2.45 meters length

BRAIDED with Black Tech Flex Sleeve

Terminated with Gold Hicon Banana Plugs - Standard Wiring (2 banana connectors at each side of the cable).

Mogami 2972 is the same cable with the famous 3104 in terms of construction & materials. Their difference is the diameter of the wires which is 2.0mm (instead of 4mm of 3104).

Quad configuration of 2.0mm equals to 4mm thickness & also offers electromagnetic interference rejection.

Direction: Since the cable is braided & letters on it cannot be seen, side of the amp on both cables is marked with a label.

This is a special offer for 1 PAIR (2 cables) of 2.45m

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