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Sommer The Spirit LLX - Advanced Instrument Cable

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Sommer The Spirit LLX - Advanced Instrument Cable (1 meter)

Special offer for limited quantity!

Extremely low capacitance values
Robust, twist-proof and easy to reel
Low-loss, detailed and neutral transmission properties
Double shielding by Cu mesh plus conductive carbon screen

Highly flexible cable for the demanding studio and live guitarist
High-quality patch cabling in the professional studio technology
High-end cable for the live DJ
  • Customizing:

    If you don't find the length or the combination of connectors you need, contact us & we will build your custom cable!

  • Important Notes For The Cables We Build:

    1) Length of the cables we build is measured from solder point to solder point. This is about at the middle of the connectors. Keep this in mind when ordering small length cables, so you'll make the right choice.

    2) Most cables are build to order, so please allow some time for accurate & precise workmanship!