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Mogami 3162 - 8 Pairs Digital 110 ohm AES/EBU Multi Balanced Studio Cable

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Mogami 3162 - 8 pairs (16 channels in Digital Connection) 110 ohm AES EBU Multi (Snake) Balanced Cable (1 meter)

Like the world standard MOGAMI multicore microphone "Snake" cable, very flexible and compact design makes these multicore 110Ω AES/EBU DIGITAL AUDIO cables easy for wiring, installation and handling.
  • Because of employed cellular PP (polypropylene) insulation material, regardless of its compact overall diameter, larger conductor size is used, which naturally results in lower attenuation.
  • Besides, there are the following outstanding features similar to the standard analog multipair cables:
    • Easy cable core identification system, such as numbered cable core
    • Easy wiring assisted by the same conductor size drain wire
    • Flexible and good low temperature characteristic

For More Specs you can check Mogami's Official Site

  • Customizing:

    If you don't find the length or the combination of connectors you need, contact us & we will build your custom cable!

  • Important Notes For The Cables We Build:

    1) Length of the cables we build is measured from solder point to solder point. This is about at the middle of the connectors. Keep this in mind when ordering small length cables, so you'll make the right choice.

    2) Most cables are build to order, so please allow some time for accurate & precise workmanship!