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Mogami 3368 Instrument Cable w/ Neutrik Gold Plugs (Silent)

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Mogami W3368 Professional Unbalanced Instrument Cable w/ Neutrik Gold Plugs NP2XB & NP2X-AU-SILENT.

Mogami 3368 is a new cable designed for truly high performance sound while simultaneously being rugged enough for live stage and performance use. This large diameter cable is designed with lower capacitance for the purest possible sound, while not being so low to cause performance problems by being outside the design range of available instrument pickups. Coaxial configuration gives the most accurate tone. The proprietary composite braid shield structure of 3368 makes the cable quite rugged and this new design maintains flexibility and performance even when used in stage and touring environment. A new method has been used to keep handling noise extremely low, so this cable can be used for any application where high impedance circuits (guitar pickups, sensor cables) with very low loss are needed.

For Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and all instruments that require an unbalanced cable.

The top of the line choice for professional musicians and engineers. 

Superior sound, extended dynamic range, clarity, silent background and consistent quality.

Maybe the lowest price for this legendary product!

Info about Silent Connectors: These connectors are useful when you want to unplug the cable from the side of the instrument & not from the side of the amplifier. They are made only for passive instruments; they don't work on instruments with active electronics.

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